marți, 10 decembrie 2019



The artist wanted to show to the art world that art has a problem. Art is
currently too much related to fame and money. The duct tape banana
(mainly the rights of it) has a high value, due to the fame of the artist.
The duct tape banana from A young artist without fame would have
almost no value. But because it's made by a famous artist it was sold for
a lot of money. This is completely stupid and that was exactly the point
of the artist...

It's the work of anti-art. It asks the question, about what makes art, art?
It breaks down the constructs about the value of an object that is part of
consumerism and temporary ownership. You can have a different
opinion to the one I have. Art is a personal expression after all. It asks
the 'viewer'...What is Art?

Why is everyone falling for this so much. It’s performance art, and not
an actual art piece. It’s to show how everyone in the world can fall for a
banana. It’s just a big show. Like banksey when he destroyed one of his
prints. It’s about the performance and not the art itself.

#Duchamp #readymade #readymadeart #banana  #tapedbanana #performance #whatisart #supercontemporary #maindoiesc #danielloagar #120k #modernart #Epsteindidntkillhimself

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