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Awoleu veverita

Verse 1:
Veverita sa suiit in pom (The squirrel climbed into a tree)
Si de acolo, a cazut jos (And from there it fell down)
Vai saraca, ce rau a patit (Poor thing, it really suffered)
Picorusul, tare la lovit... (It hit it's leg so hard...)

Awoleu veverita 8x (Poor squirrel)

One day like dat b
Som squirrel get up wey e go climb tree
Den e dey rosh gidigidi
Mek u com see, the way e tishwii
E start scream for help dey cry
Be like e break e leg
E paddies com around
Surround am plus laughter
One of dem bell the doctor

Verse 2:
Vine doctor, intro greaba (The doctor comes in a hurry)
Picorusul, acolo il leaga (Bandages the squirrel's leg)
Domnul doctor, ce rau ma doare (Mr.Doctor, it hurts me so bad)
Mi-ai legato, foarte tare... (You tied it too tight...)

Awoleu veverita 8x

Rap 2:
Fastest doctor arrive
Check the squirrel e leg bandage am
Squirrel tell am say
E b yawa doctor, e damage am
Y say the pain no go away
Wey ridey e make more mome?
U b foolish squirrel
B like dey no teach u better thing for home!

King Ayisoba verse in Frafra

Awoleu veverita 8x

Adapted from a Romanian lullaby my mother used to sing me to sleep with...
Written by Wanlov The Kubolor & King Ayisoba
Violin by Filippo Bonini Baraldi
Accordion by Jerome Pierre Soulas

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